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Welcome to The Vegan Parent

Hi and welcome to The Vegan Parent.   Our aim is to provide information, resources for children and parents, teachers and care providers about veganism.  We hope to offer a community atmosphere and a place to come to ask questions and share resources.  Being a vegan parent in a non-vegan world has it’s challenges, but living a vegan life is one full of joy, for all!


A little about myself.  My name is Lucy and I have two vegan children.  Both boys and both love baking and helping in the kitchen, singing, dancing, eating chocolate and showing myself and their dad in sloppy kisses.  We have been vegan for 15 months now, my eldest transitioning with myself at the age of 4 and my youngest being weaned vegan.  Eli is 5yrs old and CJ is 2, both are happy, healthy, strong and are being raised to understand why living a vegan lifestyle and holding vegan beliefs is so important.  Both boys played a large role in our family becoming vegan, Eli was first to make us consider the impact of choosing to eat flesh when he showed obvious distress at witnessing his father and uncle eat whitebait and this led to questions and us examining where we stood on the issue of killing another for food.  CJ was my personal catalyst, the connection I felt with him whilst breastfeeding prompted me to consider the cost to cows and their calves for me to consume their milk.

Having become vegan and searched for vegan information specifically for Mums and Dads with mini vegans, I realised there was very little out there.  I hope to help provide all the elements missing to enable vegan children to feel included within the community, both the vegan one and the wider community, educational resources, activities, recipes, cartoons, books, videos and support too.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Vegan Parent”

  1. Hey, I’m really pleased to hear about this blog. I hope to read much more from you. My partner and I are vegetarians considering the move to veganism and wondering about the challenges of parenthood in a meat-loving world.

    1. Hi Jay, sorry for the delay in replying. I’m really pleased to hear you’re considering the transition to veganism, you really won’t regret it, it’s a fantastic way of life. I can highly recommend the Facebook groups, ‘What Vegan Children Eat’ and there’s a new page called ‘Vegetarian to Vegan’ too which you may find helpful. Good luck!



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