Local Vegan Groups

The internet’s a wonderful tool for vegans and veganism, not just in it’s value as a medium for education and animal advocacy, but it also serves a purpose in providing social and emotional support as well as practical advice so many of us tap into from time to time.  It is certainly making life as a vegan so simple and straightforward, certainly in comparison to pre internet vegan life.  I have friends who have been vegan for 20 or more years, some life long vegans now in their 50s and 60s and they tell me that the changes, possibly because of superb online resources are starting to really pave the way for veganism and a vegan lifestyle becoming normalised.

As wonderful as the internet is though for providing support, there’s something which I’ve felt has been lacking in my personal vegan life since we became vegans and that’s interactions and socialising with vegans face to face.  Well today as a result of several wonderful local vegans all finding one another online – yes the internet still played a huge role – my family got to spend time with other vegan families and individuals who share the vegan lifestyle, ethics and in particular a love of Indian cuisine ;)

My two children loved the experience, their first Indian meal in a restaurant, far better than Mum’s homecooked versions and also getting to see we’re not the only vegans in the universe, which it does feel like sometimes, especially I’d imagine magnified when you’re 5 and everyone but Mum, Dad and your little brother appears to have a different world view to your own.  My eldest’s face when I explained everyone around us was vegan was a picture.  I’d highly recommend, if you haven’t already, looking up local vegan groups and getting involved if you can in meet ups.    If there doesn’t appear to be any meet ups arranged, why not suggest one and see if you can get the ball rolling?

Here’s my 2 year old enjoying his meal and giving us a cheeky grin.


We already have plans to meet up again in January and we are hoping to make it a regular social event, I know the four of us are very much looking forward to next time!

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