Got Calcium?



What’s Harvard’s position when it comes to sourcing calcium from plant foods – do they feel cow’s milk is necessary or even particularly healthy? What do they recommend instead? Look no further…


There are many dairy alternative products on the market, many supermarkets stock a wide range of plant milks, yogurts, creams, ice creams, butter alternatives and more… We use these to replace dairy in meals, however we use a wide range of, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and legumes to replace the nutrients and feel much healthier for it.



The use of dairy cows and their calves in the production of these unnecessary products prompts many people to ditch dairy alongside other animal products. It’s an industry that as a mother I felt repulsion to. It is built around the exploitation of the female reproductive system and the division of the mother child bond which I found as a breastfeeding mother to a newborn baby was entirely unjustifiable. It was this initial realisation that for me led to my wider understanding of veganism, if I was unwilling to have myself and my newborn baby placed within that life, then really, paying to sentence another and her offspring to that life was something I could never condone or fund, so I stopped.


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