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A Very Vegan Christmas

a very vegan christmas banner2It’s that time of year once again and making Christmas special for your vegan children is easy and can be as commercial or homemade as you’d like.  We tend to go for a mixture of homemade or home assembled gifts and the usual shop bought toys and books.  One big consideration is around the food element of the day itself, there are many different Christmas dinner options and ideas for making the meal extra special and I’ll be outlining a few below.  My son on his first Christmas as a vegan asked for a big tin of chocolates like he’d been given in previous years.  This concerned me because I’d not seen or heard of any vegan equivalents to a tin of Cadbury’s Roses and so set about making him a home assembled version made from a variety of vegan chocolates, sweets and biscuits and I bought a very large storage jar which has since been used as a biscuit barrel in the kitchen.

Tin of chocolates


El also asked for vegan recipe book, there were plenty to choose from on Amazon but I wanted one that was firstly very child friendly and only contained ingredients we had sat in cupboards and recipes that were easily made by us both together.  So I set about making him a vegan recipe book of his own, it was great fun to put together and he was thrilled with it!   We’ve had lots of fun working our way through the recipes.

cookery book






P1040213But what about Christmas dinner?  I’m not the best cook in the world but we had a great Christmas dinner last year.  We bought a mushroom roast from which was delicious and made a variety of vegetable dishes to go alongside the roast.  This year we’ve bought the same and hope it’s as successful a meal.

The obligatory sprouts!P1040214

Cranberry stuffing!


Mashed potatoes and carrots and a large dish of roasted parsnips, carrots and other vegetables with cashew nuts.


And my personal favourite!  The peas! P1040216






We also had lovely thick tasty gravy and cranberry sauce, ooh and vegan ‘pigs in blankets’ made from Linda McCartney rosemary sausages, although we left the blanket part out ;)

For dessert we had an amazing chocolate cake, made from my favourite recipe which I’ll link to below.  I filled it with raspberry buttercream made from Pure Spread and raspberry jam and icing sugar and then served it with Booja Booja Hunky Punky icecream.  This year we’re going for mini individual Christmas puddings from Sainsburys (the red ‘By Sainsbury’s’ ones are vegan) and will be having either Booja Booja icecream or Alpro custard with them.  We can’t wait!